Handicrafts are a medium to hold and conserve the rich traditional art forms and heritage along with the talents which are associated with the people’s history and lifestyle. The country is blessed with innumerable highly skilled artisans. They have increased the eminence of Indian handicrafts around the globe. They are hugely important in terms of the economic development of the country. The most famous forms of handicrafts that will delight any fan of good-quality crafts are as follows


Plain Woven Shawls, Patola Sarees, Ajrakh Stole, Cloth Material/Fabric, File Folders, Bags

Pottery and Sculpture | Woodcraft

Wall Hangings, Key Holders | Dandiya

Kashmiri Carpets | Kondapali Toys / Puppets | Kolhapuri Products | Pashmina Shawals | Others