Marriages in india are synonymous with jewellery. The Traditional jewellery of India is what makes Indian weddings so rich and unique in their own manner. There are exclusive designs and works which complete the traditional look of the jewellery. The Traditional gold jewellery is passed on for generations and families hold jewellery made many decades Ago. The different jewellery includes

Gold Jewellery

Gold Chains, Gold Necklace Jewellery,Gold Jewellery Sets, Kundan Jewellery Sets, Royal Gold Necklaces, Jewelry Gold Earrings, Gold Jhumkas, Gold Bridal Necklaces, Gold Chokers Jewelry, Pearl Gold Jewellery,Gold Anklets Jewelry, Gold Jewellery Rings, Traditional Gold Kangans Design, Gold Bangles Jewellery, Gold Toe Rings Designs, Gold Waist Chains, Gold Armlets Jewelry, Gold Mangalsutra Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

solitaire rings, rings with side stones, and pave diamond rings

Silver Jewellery

- Traditional Jewellery

Bead Jewellery, Bridal Jewellery, Ivory Jewellery, Jadau Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery,Meenakari Jewellery, Navratna Jewellery, Pachchikam Jewellery, Tribal Jewellery,

- Hand made Jewellery

Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Fabricated Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry, Hand Stamped/Engraved Jewelry,Enameled Jewelry, Assembled Jewelry,